Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back (In a sense)

For people that actually follow me on twitter or that have been reading my updates here, I have been without a computer for almost 18 months. At first it was because I was dealing with some stuff, then it died and I didnt have the funds until recently to get a new one. Now that I have a new one, I have been getting asked why I havent set it up and rejoined the awesome gaming comunity. Well, thats an easy question.

I live with 3 roommates and in the smaller of the three bedrooms. When I had my other computer set up, I didnt have much room to do much of anything that I want to do. This included making a background for videos and setting up a greenscreen for when I streamed. I had just enough room for my bed, my dressers, and my computer. It was a tight fit.

Now, with one of the roommates moving out, I am getting a larger room. It is much bigger than the room I am in now, and it will allow me to set things up how I want them and to deliver content that I am proud of. The only downside is he hasnt moved out yet. He doesnt technically have to be out of the house until the end of March, which sucks.

But the laptop does come with a few perks. It makes it easier to mod streams and help friends there. It allows me to get back into Blogging easier and even start writing again like I used to. It allows me to use Tweetdeck, which I am now in love with as it is much easier to use than regular twitter. And although I cant play Smite or anything like that, I am able to do other things and get back into the groove. It will also let me work on the podcast I am a part of easier, as well as start setting up the other I wish to start.

All in all, getting this laptop, even though its used, will allow me to do this things that I want to get started, even if It wont allow me to really game.

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